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Our founder

Mauricio Salazar

My foray into the hotel industry began in Mérida, where I studied Tourism Business Administration and began my professional career at the Hyatt Regency Mérida hotel. Some years later, the growth in the chain led me to manage and operate two successful launches of new Hyatt Place hotel openings in Baja California Sur and Guanajuato, later I returned to Mérida to apply my experience acquired in the hotel industry to the premium vacation rental area. Since 2019 I have been part of the expansion of the OYO hotel chain in Mexico, particularly in Yucatán and Campeche.

"I view every opportunity to serve as an opportunity to positively transform someone's life, a mantra that I carry with me at work and at home with my wife and daughters."

Our purpose is to provide the benefit of our experience in the hospitality industry to business person, entrepreneurs, family businesses; To be your commercial and operational ally on the path you have to travel to grow and build a legacy.

Our company offers the necessary technology to operate your hotel or vacation home and connect it to digital platforms, we implement and optimize your digital marketing.

We define together the best pricing strategy for a successful revenue management.

We promote ownership to B2B and B2C business accounts; Also in groups and conventions.

We provide constant training in site to standardize your processes in all areas of the hotel.

We know the effort, the perseverance, the sacrifices and the perseverance that are required to build a heritage; That is why we want to be your ally on the road, and add our efforts to yours.

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